Summer is here!

Now that it is summer, our regular Thursday evening meetings at the Bridge Centre have come to an end until October. Instead, we will be meeting on the first Thursday of each month (7 July, 4 August, 1 September, and 6 October) at the Bridge Centre for blitz tournaments. These will start at 7.30; we will have to charge €5 per head to pay for the cost of renting the room, but if there is any surplus there will be PRIZES!
We will also be meeting more informally at other locations: see the information to the right.
Hope to see you at one of these!

Junior Chess – starting back soon ..

The Galway Junior Chess Club will start back on Wednesday September 14th .. in the Galway Tennis club in Salthill, see for full club calendar and more.  If you’ve any questions emails to .

Also, ..  The 1st junior tournament of this year is on close by in Ennis on the 18th & 19th Sept. .. it’s the Munster Juniors and full details with how to enter etc. are on ..

August blitz results

The August blitz tournament, held on Thursday 4 August, was won by Pete Morriss with 5½ points out of 6. Second was Jason Rawlinson, with 5 points. Since there were a considerable number of new participants (which we very much welcome), the grading prize was replaced by a “best newcomer’s prize”, which was won by Tony Creavin, who scored a very commendable 3½.

Our next blitz tournament will be on Thursday 1 September.

August Blitz

The club’s August blitz tournament will be this Thursday (4 August) in the Bridge Centre, St Mary’s Rd., starting shortly after 7.30. There will be a €5 entry fee, which will go toward renting the venue (and sets and clocks) and prizes. Newcomers are particularly welcome.

Glorney & Robinson Cups retained by Ireland .. 2016

Great news from England ..   Ireland are the 2016 Glorney Champions.  But at a more local level .. Galway boy Denis Ruchko was a key member of the (u-14) Irish team.


Above Denis with his team mates .. winners of the Robinson Cup (U-14’s).  Denis won the last game to capture 1st place for Ireland.  Interestingly, after the game when everyone was looking to celebrate Denis asked FM David Fitz to review his game ..  David was quite impressed as are we.    Below his dad, Maksym, with the other parents ..


The parent team , “a great bunch of lads”.

Denis Now Playing for Ireland

Galway’s Denis Ruchko has joined the prestigious list of Galway club members who have represented Ireland, by being selected for the Irish under-14 team that is playing against England, France, Scotland and Wales in the Robinson Cup, which started today. Only some of his games will be available live, but one can see the most recent one (and any more that the organisers chose to relay) here; there is a different link for the results, from which we can see that Denis has won his first two games. Well done Denis!

Also, one of the trainers for the Irish squad is Brendan Buckley, who runs junior chess in Galway as well as training the Irish juniors.

We wish the Irish squad, and particularly Denis and Brendan, all success.

Update: Denis scored an outstanding four wins and a draw from his five games, thereby helping Ireland to outright victory in the under-14 event. Ireland also retained the Glorney Cup (the under-18 trophy).

July Blitz results

The inaugural summer blitz held on 7 July took a slightly different form than usual; in recognition of the long evenings, we decided to play a full ten rounds – five double rounds with both black and white against each opponent – instead of our normal seven. The winner, by a long way, was Brendan Buckley with a remarkable 9½ points out of 10. Second was Denis Ruchko (who was also the only player to take a half point off Brendan) with 6½; this was also an excellent performance as Denis came above three much higher-rated players.

Our next blitz is on Thursday 4 August. We will decide how many rounds to play on the night.

Summer Blitz on Thursday 7 July

Our inaugural Summer Blitz takes place on Thursday 7 July, in the Bridge Centre, starting at 7.30. This will be almost the same as our monthly winter blitzes, except for taking place in the summer. The one change is that there will be an entry fee of €5 (for members and non-members alike) to pay for the hire of the room; if there is a surplus then there will be PRIZES. For anybody who hasn’t been before, we supply all the equipment, so all you have to bring is yourself. Players of all levels are welcome. There will be seven rounds, each player gets 5 minutes for the game, plus an increment of 5 seconds per move. Hope to see you there

Galway Rapidplay 2016

This year’s FIDE-rated Galway Rapidplay, played on Saturday 11 June, was won by Rob Lydiard, who came over from England for the event, with a score of 6½/7. Second was Stephen Moran (from Dublin) with 5½. There was a four-way tie on 5 points for third place, between top seed Philip Short, second seed Manuel Cabanas Jimenez (Spain), Karol Marzec (Poland), and Galway’s Denis Ruchko. The prize for the best junior (which can be won alongside other prizes) was won, with a round to spare, by Denis Ruchko. The Rating Prize was divided five ways, between Keng Lim Yap (Malaysia), Dwayne Spiteri (England), Elsheikh Gamal (Cork), Andrew Barber and Fintan Hegarty (both Galway), who all scored 3½. The international make-up of the field was noteworthy: there were also players representing Brazil and the Czech Republic. Full standings and crosstable are below.

Galway Rapidplay 2016 – Final Standings

Place Name                       FIDE  ICU  Score
  1   Robert G Lydiard (8)       1970      6.5  
  2   Stephen Moran (4)          2158 2117 5.5  
 3-6  Philip Short (1)           2252 2253 5    
      Manuel Cabanas Jimenez (2)      2140 5    
      Karol Marzec (10)          2009 1952 5    
      Denis Ruchko (20)               1443 5    
7-11  Brendan Buckley (6)             2082 4.5  
      Darko Polimac (9)          1992 1952 4.5  
      Oissine Murphy (5)         1849 2091 4.5  
      Tim Harding (12)           1993 1916 4.5  
      Franklin Nunes (13)             1770 4.5  
12-17 Adam Spirek (7)                 1971 4    
      Carlos Silva (15)               1656 4    
      Jason Rawlinson (16)            1611 4    
      Liam P. Fahy (17)               1574 4    
      Eamon Keogh (11)                1930 4    
      Sean Guinan (21)                1412 4    
18-24 David B. Murray (3)        2115 2119 3.5  
      Keng Lim Yap (38)                    3.5  
      Andrew Barber (23)              1375 3.5  
      Conall Hegarty (14)        1843 1692 3.5  
      Fintan Hegarty (26)        1593 1315 3.5  
      Dwayne Spiteri (32)                  3.5  
      Elsheikh Gamal (18)                  3.5  
25-28 Alan Delahunty (28)             1022 3    
      Mark R. Watkins (24)            1345 3    
      Ray Woodhouse (25)              1318 3    
      Paddy Divilly (19)         1515 1457 3    
29-34 Scott Leadbetter (39)                2.5  
      Con Kirby (29)                  984  2.5  
      Kynesha Ryder (31)              793  2.5  
      Theophilus Wait (37)                 2.5  
      Oisin Hodgins (33)              527  2.5  
      Ian Finnerty (40)                    2.5  
35-37 Christopher Burke (35)          496  2    
      Phillip Foenander (22)          1394 2    
      Andrew Finnerty (36)            460  2    
38-39 Fiona Cormican (34)             511  1.5  
      Neal Kirby (30)                 850  1.5  
 40   Bill Delee (27)                 1163 1    

Cross Table

No Name                    Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7  

1  Lydiard, Robert G       6.5   25:W 15:W 18:W  9:W  2:D  5:W  4:W
2  Moran, Stephen          5.5   26:W 11:W  8:W 13:W  1:D  4:L  7:W
3  Short, Philip           5      6:W  5:L 36:W  4:D 11:W  7:D 10:W
4  Cabanas Jimenez, Manuel 5     17:W 16:W 12:D  3:D 13:W  2:W  1:L
5  Marzec, Karol           5     39:W  3:W  9:D 12:W  8:D  1:L 17:W
6  Ruchko, Denis           5      3:L 30:W 16:L 22:W 25:W 13:W 12:W
7  Buckley, Brendan        4.5   22:W 13:L 26:W 15:W 16:W  3:D  2:L
8  Polimac, Darko          4.5   30:W 19:W  2:L 14:W  5:D 10:L 18:W
9  Murphy, Oissine         4.5   27:W 21:W  5:D  1:L 14:L 30:W 20:W
10 Harding, Tim            4.5   23:W 18:L 22:W 25:W 12:D  8:W  3:L
11 Nunes, Franklin         4.5   33:W  2:L 27:W 18:D  3:L 29:W 21:W
12 Spirek, Adam            4     40:W 14:W  4:D  5:L 10:D 15:W  6:L
13 Silva, Carlos           4     35:W  7:W 29:W  2:L  4:L  6:L 27:W
14 Rawlinson, Jason        4     37:W 12:L 34:W  8:L  9:W 17:L 25:W
15 Fahy, Liam P.           4     32:W  1:L 40:W  7:L 26:W 12:L 19:W
16 Keogh, Eamon            4     31:W  4:L  6:W 28:W  7:L 18:W  0: 
17 Guinan, Sean            4      4:L 31:L 38:W 40:W 27:W 14:W  5:L
18 Murray, David B.        3.5   20:W 10:W  1:L 11:D 19:W 16:L  8:L
19 Yap, Keng Lim           3.5   24:W  8:L 20:D 29:W 18:L 26:W 15:L
20 Barber, Andrew          3.5   18:L 23:D 19:D 33:W 21:D 24:W  9:L
21 Hegarty, Conall         3.5   38:W  9:L 25:L 23:W 20:D 28:W 11:L
22 Hegarty, Fintan         3.5    7:L 35:W 10:L  6:L 38:W 32:W 28:D
23 Spiteri, Dwayne         3.5   10:L 20:D 24:W 21:L 29:L 40:W 30:W
24 Gamal, Elsheikh         3.5   19:L 28:D 23:L 32:W 36:W 20:L 29:W
25 Delahunty, Alan         3      1:L 32:W 21:W 10:L  6:L 33:W 14:L
26 Watkins, Mark R.        3      2:L 33:W  7:L 31:W 15:L 19:L 35:W
27 Woodhouse, Ray          3      9:L 38:W 11:L 34:W 17:L 35:W 13:L
28 Divilly, Paddy          3     29:D 24:D 31:W 16:L 30:D 21:L 22:D
29 Leadbetter, Scott       2.5   28:D 34:W 13:L 19:L 23:W 11:L 24:L
30 Kirby, Con              2.5    8:L  6:L 35:W 36:W 28:D  9:L 23:L
31 Ryder, Kynesha          2.5   16:L 17:W 28:L 26:L 32:L 34:D 39:W
32 Wait, Theophilus        2.5   15:L 25:L 39:W 24:L 31:W 22:L 33:D
33 Hodgins, Oisin          2.5   11:L 26:L 37:W 20:L 34:W 25:L 32:D
34 Finnerty, Ian           2.5   36:W 29:L 14:L 27:L 33:L 31:D 38:W
35 Burke, Christopher      2     13:L 22:L 30:L 39:W 40:W 27:L 26:L
36 Foenander, Phillip      2     34:L 39:W  3:L 30:L 24:L 37:L 40:W
37 Finnerty, Andrew        2     14:L 40:L 33:L 38:L 39:L 36:W  0:W
38 Cormican, Fiona         1.5   21:L 27:L 17:L 37:W 22:L 39:D 34:L
39 Kirby, Neal             1.5    5:L 36:L 32:L 35:L 37:W 38:D 31:L
40 Delee, Bill             1     12:L 37:W 15:L 17:L 35:L 23:L 36:L

Carlos wins Winter League


In an exciting and tense play-off Carlos da Silva eventually clinched his first Winter League title at about 11.30 at night, beating top-seed Pete Morriss 2½ – 1½. The format was two games at 25 minutes + 15 seconds increment; if these did not produce a winner, then two games at 15 minutes + 10 seconds, followed, if necessary, by pairs of games at ever faster time rates. The first three games were all decisive, and strangely the player with the black pieces won them all. In the fourth game, Pete, as black, eventually got down to a rook v pawn endgame. Subsequent checking with tablebases suggests that there was one (and only one) way for black to win, but Pete did not find it and the game ended in a draw. So Carlos is our new champion, and a very worthy one.


Final Standings:

Carlos da Silva1597
Pete Morriss1885
Jason Rawlinson51535
Conall Hegarty51660
Dara Murphy1773
Henryk Raczkowiak41658
Paul Ward41473
Denis Ruchko41083
Eduardo Gandara Diaz41843
Fintan Hegarty1312
Michael O'Connell1236
Andrew Barber31378
David Baird31504
Billy Delee3
David Piercy941
Colm O Riordain2
John Hensey1263
Michiel Jacobs1½ withdrawn1785
Pablo Donadio½ withdrawn1867
Sid Hegde0 withdrawn
Hassan Mahmood0 withdrawn


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