The Club

Contact Email for all queries: galwaychess[at]gmail[dot]com . If you want to be added to our mailing list to receive weekly updates on our goings-on, please send an email to that address.

Here’s some summary information on when and where we meet:

  • Venue: Galway Bridge Centre (upstairs)
  • Address: St. Marys Road, Galway
  • When: Thursdays from 7.30 p.m. (occasionally we have a different start-time: see detailed info on Home Page)
  • Season: From September to April
  • (Also, regular informal meetings in Monroe’s Tavern from 8pm on Tuesdays, but best to shoot us an email in advance just to confirm.)

Anyone can call in on the night to find out what happens or maybe have a couple of games of blitz. Members vary from the young to the old and from beginners to masters. Here is a list of activities we engage in:

  • Club Winter League (7 long rated games in a season at the club)
  • Rapid play competition (hour-long games; one a month)
  • Monthly blitz tournaments
  • Connaught League
  • Galway club usually enters a team in the Irish National Club competition, which takes place in April.  When we have done well, that has qualified us to play in the European Club Cup, alongside all the greats of the chess world.
  • Lectures
  • Casual games

Some nights have more formal activities going on than others but anyone can call in and spectate.

Summer Chess in Galway

Some club members (and some players on holidays in the city) have often met informally in a Galway pub during the Summer. For more up-to-date information on this, feel free to shoot us an email.


  1. edel says:

    Is it possible to speak with somebody from the club on the phone as I cannot find any contact details?

  2. Radhakrishnamurthy Donthu says:

    Dear Club organizing team,

    We are new to galway. I have a boy of aged 11. He was part of a chess club for 3 years now and i would like to continue in Galway too. Please let me know what are the options you have for my kid.

    Thanks in advance and looking forward for your response.


  3. Maureen gallagher says:

    I am a beginner at chess. Can I join the club, play with other beginners?

  4. Pete says:

    Hi Maureen,

    Yes, certainly. We have a couple of players at the moment who come fairly regularly and describe themselves as beginners. This coming Thursday (7 November) would be a good time to come along; there might be some kids there as well in the first half of the evening – you can come early to meet them, or later to avoid them! It’s your choice.

    The following week would be less good, but the week after that (21 November) would be another good slot for beginners.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Pete Morriss (Club Chairperson)

  5. sandra says:


    Would love to join in on some beginner classes, are there any classes which teach…I am total beginner and feel that I am not ready to join a beginners night, much prefer to get some lessons first..any advise?

    • Pete says:

      Hi Sandra,

      I’ve already replied to you individually; but for the benefit of any readers of these comments who thinks they are also a beginner: we are now (trying to) provide lessons. If you would be interested in joining in, contact us here or on our email address.

  6. Adrian says:

    Hi there Pete, I’ve just discovered your club and am interested in joining. Would 28th Nov be too late and how much is it to join?

    • Pete says:

      Hi Adrian,

      No, 28 November would certainly not be too late to join (it’s never too late …!).

      The annual membereship fee is €50 if you are waged (with reduced rates for the usual categories), but we always allow new people to try out the club for a week or two before asking them for any money.

      So, hope to see you on the 28th, or one of the subsequent Thursdays.

      All the best,


  7. Just dropping in to say a big hello to all of the Galway Chess Club and to wish you all well in the 2014 Chess Season.

    Keep in mind that we have to eat well and drink fluids to keep our minds energised and to prevent lethargy when sitting for any length of time where we have to focus on a game of chess. That can never be stressed enough.

  8. Draza says:

    Hello, I would like to play rapid chess tournament this Saturday in Galway. My name: Stejskal Drahoslav ( player of Adare club/ Czech rep.). Thank you very much, I am looking forward to take place in your excellent tournament rapid Galway 2014. Cheers Draza

  9. ugarte says:

    I am on holidays in Galway. I’d like to play chess with you. When are you meeting next time in the cottage bar?


    • Pete says:

      Hi Jon,

      We meet on Thursday evenings, from 8 – so come down this evening and look for people playing chess! (We won’t be there the following Thursday – 31 July – as it is Galway race week and playing chess in Galway pubs is not usually possible in race week.)

  10. Juan Carlos says:

    Thank you very much from Córdoba, Spain for such a good time. I was with you last thursday and all of you were very friendly with me.

    • Pete says:

      Hi Juan Carlos. Glad you got back safely, and it was very good to see you; we all enjoyed the games with you. Do call in again when you are next visiting Galway!

  11. Jethro Sheen says:

    Hey there,

    I am into playing chess and was wondering if I called in of a Thursday would I get to play or is it more formal than that?? sign up etc



    • Pete says:

      Hi Jethro,.

      Good to hear from you. We’re fairly informal, so if you turn up today or next Thursday you’ll certainly get some games. The following week (12 March) is our most formal week, as it’s the club championship, when pairings are arranged in advance; there might also be people for you to play, but it’s not the best week to turn up unannounced. All others are fine, though. Looking forward to seeing you.

  12. patrick says:

    I am interested in becoming a member of Galway chess club, I am an American working and living here. I am a novice. Thank you.

    • Pete says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Welcome! All you have to do to become a member is turn up one Thursday, and pay a membership fee. However, as our season is now almost over, we won’t ask you for any money until the new season starts in September. This Thursday (2 April) is no good as the club will be closed, and the following Thursday is not very good, as it is the final round of our club championship – you are welcome to come along and watch, but we will probably be too engrossed in our games to give you much of our time. But the following week (16 April) would be ideal. You’re also most welcome to play in our rapid tournament on 6 June, which is open to all, whether club members or not.

  13. Luciana says:

    Hi, I know you are on summer break now, but I would like to know more about the club, if it is ok. I used to play chess a lot when I was a kid, but I haven’t played since – probably 20 years just watching my chessboard gets dusty. But I would like to start over, beginner’s level, of course, and I wonder if would that be possible. I would be happy to join classes if you offer them, or just learn while playing. How much are your fees? When in September will the activities be restarted? Thanks!

    • Pete says:

      Hi Luciana,

      Then dust off your chess set and get down to the club! We will restart on 17 September, with a club blitz tournament (fairly fast chess with a clock). You are welcome to come to that (we try to make it both fairly serious and also friendly and light-hearted). Alternatively, you could come along the following week (24 September) when there will be a less structured evening, with people just showing up and playing whoever they want to. We don’t run classes as such, but could put something on if you are interested – particularly if there is also interest from anyone else out there. (To anyone else: if you are interested in classes, please get in touch and let us know.) The membership fee is €50 per year for waged people, and less for unwaged, but we always allow new or potential members to have a week or two to try it out before we ask them for any money. We hope to see you on 17 and/or 24 September – and of course the same applies to anybody else who is also thinking of maybe getting into (or back into) chess.

  14. Eamon Lynch says:

    I am a beginner and want to know how to join your club.

    Eamon Lynch

    • Pete says:

      Hi Eamon,

      The way to join the club is to come along to one of our Thursday evening club nights at the Bridge Centre, and we’ll take it from there. This coming Thursday (24 September) would be a particularly good one to come for the first time, particularly for a beginner, as we don’t have a tournament arranged and so can take the time to get you started.

      Hope to see you on Thursday – and also any other beginners out there who would be interested.

  15. tina diskin says:

    do you do any classes for adults a completer beginner
    i have never played chess before


    tina diksin

    • Fintan says:

      Hi Tina,

      I have forwarded you this week’s email containing the clubs October schedule. This includes a Beginners’ Evening on October 13th. Perhaps that might be suitable for you?


  16. Szymon says:


    I would like to join to Winter Chess League. I am not member of Irish Chess Union, so far I played only correspondence chess in International Correspondence Chess Federation so can I join without OTB rating? Can You describe little more Winter League? How long games are?


  17. paul ward says:

    hi Szymon, yes you can still join, can you email me directly with your date of birth, my email address is

    Games are on clock, usually 1:30min each, the games are rated and if you join the ICU they will go towards getting an official rating.

    There are 7 games, each game is around 3 weeks apart with a break over Christmas.

    Come down to the club any thursday night and we can go trhough it

    all the best

  18. Natalie says:

    Can I still join Winter Chess leauge? I’m not advanced played a bit in a past.
    Hope it’s not too late to join?

    Kind regards

  19. Gernot Isola says:

    I´ll be in Galway on Sept. 28 and am considering to drop by at the club. Have been with you twice before some 3 or 4 years ago. Will there be a club evening to get some games?

    Gernot Isola, Austria

    • Fintan says:

      Yes, that evening we will be having our monthly blitz (5+5) competition, starting at 7:45pm. Hope to see you there!


  20. MSM says:

    Can I get clarification on what’s happening over the summer this year? I was thinking of attending an evening to try it out, but I’m guessing no meetings are happening until September?


    • Fintan says:


      The meetings over the summer are a little less organised – we meet most weeks in a cafe for a few friendly games, and there will be a monthly blitz in the Bridge Club. If you’d like to shoot an email to galwaychess[at]gmail[dot]com, I can add you to the mailing list so you can get weeklyish updates. This week, we should be in the Secret Garden cafe from 7-9pm. Thereafter, who knows….


  21. David Logue says:

    Hi, are there beginners lessons for adults?

    • Fintan says:

      Hi Dave,

      There are no beginners lessons organised at the moment, but you’re welcome to drop down and join us any time, and I’m sure we’ll be able to teach you the basics. Have a look at the “Upcoming Events” list on the right-hand side of the website. I’d recommend dropping by on any of the Tuesday evening events (in Monroe’s pub in town) or to one of the “free evenings” in the club. Those would be your best bet for finding someone who’s free to go through some stuff with you.



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    Masters (1800+)

    Player Rating
    GM Alexander Baburin 2433
    IM Vladimir Sveshnikov 2419
    FM Helge Hintze 2261
    FM Colm Daly 2243
    FM Henry Li 2235
    Anthony Fox 2027
    Ingo Theile-Rasche 1954
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    John Bourke 1046
    John Doyle 1037
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    Bill Delee 1027
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    Ritvik Trehan 957
    David Piercy 931
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