Wesley So 0.5 – 0.5 Carlos Silva

Yuri Rochev 1-0 Eduard Valeanu

Craig Pritchett 1 – 0 Consantin Vogel


  1. liam patton says:

    are u guys on facebook and if so what is the link please?

    • admin says:

      Hi Liam, No we haven’t jumped on the Facebook bandwagon yet. We’d join if they had a nice game publishing add-on.

  2. Hello,

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    If you are interested in our products, please get in touch with me. Alternatively, if ou know of any suppliers or stockists of chess equipment, I will appreciate that information.


    John Devereaux (Cork man)

  3. Adam says:

    instead of 74…a3 black can play 74…Bh6 75.g7 Bxg7 76.Kxg7 a3 77.Kf7 a2 78. g6 a1Q 79.g7 Qf1+ 80.Ke7 Kxb7 81.g8Q Qxd3
    the difference is that now white has no second pawn on the g file and black is a pawn up, anyway without deep analyse i think there should be draw.


    • Pete Morriss says:

      Hi Adam,
      Thanks for your comment and your interest – but I think Yury still had a win. If 74 … Bh6, white doesn’t play 75 g7, but takes the bishop with the pawn on g5. Then white queens both his king-side pawns. However, I think you might have meant 74 … Bh8, when you’re quite right that 75 g7 is good for black. However, Yury again had a resource: he would have played 75 Kg8! Now 75 … Bg7, 76 Kxg7 is the same as the game but black is a tempo down, so black’s only chance is 75 … a3, 76 Kxh8 a2, 77 g7 a1(Q), 78 g8(Q) Kxb7, 79 g6 and black cannot stop the second g-pawn queening. So the line that black played is actually his best try.
      All the best,
      Pete Morriss

  4. Jimmy says:

    Can’t black claim a draw after 61.Be1 Ke7?

    • Pete says:

      Yes, you’re right. Yury was being a little careless allowing this repetition, though it doesn’t take away from the excellent finish. It might be worth mentioning that Yury’s opponent’s body language round about move 61 suggested that he thought the game was such a clear draw that he didn’t need to check for repetition, and that Yury was just being stupid moving his bishop about aimlessly. So 70 Ba5 came as a huge shock to him. If he’d been more alert to the danger he would have claimed the draw, and we would never have seen this beautiful endgame sacrifice. Which would have been a shame!

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    IM Vladimir Sveshnikov 2419
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    FM Colm Daly 2243
    FM Henry Li 2235
    Anthony Fox 2027
    Ingo Theile-Rasche 1954
    Peter Cafolla 1932
    Orison Carlile 1892
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