Next Blitz tournament: Thursday 11 August

The next in our summer series of monthly blitz tournaments will be held on Thursday 11 August, in our normal room: upstairs in the Galway Bridge Centre, St Mary’s Road.  Starting time is 7.45 p.m., and the expected finishing time is about 10.30.  The format is 7 rounds, with each game played at a speed […]

Galway Congress 2023: 10-12 March

A date for your diary: next year’s Congress will take place on the weekend of 10th to 12th March 2023, in the Menlo Park Hotel again.  Further details will be announced nearer the event.

Galway Rapidplay: Results

The 2022 Galway Rapidplay. held on Saturday 18 June at the Galway Bridge Centre, attracted 90 entries – about twice our previous highest number.  Nearly a third of these were playing in their first tournament, which indicates the enthusiasm that there is for chess at the moment.  If this continues, then Irish chess would seem […]

Winter League 2002: Full Results

The Winter League has now finished, and here are the final results. As previously reported, the tournament was won, after a tie-break finish, by Jason Rawlinson. Second equal were the two vanquished players in the tie-break – Pete Morriss and Andrew Barber. The first Rating Prize was won by Gourang Jiddewar, playing in his first […]

Winter League 2002 winner: Jason Rawlinson

The 2022 Winter League had the closest finish in its more than twenty-year history: there was a three-way tie for first place between Jason Rawlinson, Pete Morriss, and Andrew Barber.  We have had ties for first before, but never one involving more than two players.  So yesterday there was a play-off between those three, and […]

Winter League 2002 – Round 7

Here are the pairings for the final round of the Winter League, to be played on Thursday 19 May. We can look forward to an exciting conclusion, as there are still several contenders for every prize. No Name Total Name Total 1 Pereiro Rodriguez, Diego (4) [4.5] : Morriss, Pete (1) [5] 2 Piercy, David […]

Winter League 2022 – Round 6

Here are the pairings for round 6, to be played on Thursday 5 May (or, by arrangement between the players, before Sunday 15th). No Name Total Name Total 1 Rawlinson, Jason (3) [4.5] : Pereiro Rodriguez, Diego (4) [3.5] 2 Morriss, Pete (1) [4] : Edwards, Bryn (19) [4] 3 Barber, Andrew (5) [3.5] : […]

Galway Rapidplay 2022

The Galway Rapidplay tournament will take place on Saturday 18 June in the Galway Bridge Centre. Start time is 11.00 a.m. (sharp!), but you should enter in advance by emailing us at galwaychess(at)gmail(dot)com before Friday 17 June (and pay the entry fee of €15 on arrival on the day between 10.15 and 10.45 a.m.). There […]

Winter League 2022 – Round 5

Here are the pairings for round 5. (Apologies for not posting the round 4 pairings: I was having internet problems. Those pairings – and all of the results – will be put up here at the end of the tournament.) 1 Barber, Andrew (5) [3] : Rawlinson, Jason (3) [4] 2 Edwards, Bryn (19) [3] […]

Winter League 2022 – Round 3

Here are the pairings for round 3: No Name Total Result Name Total 1 Rawlinson, Jason (3) [2] : Morriss, Pete (1) [2] 2 Coneely, Cavanaugh (20) [2] : Karapish, Micheal (21) [2] 3 Istuk, Niko (6) [1] : Scarry, James (11) [1.5] 4 Pereiro Rodriguez, Diego (4) [1] : Delee, Bill (8) [1] 5 […]

  • Galway Chess Club is closed for summer.

    However, we meet for some casual games on Tuesday evenings in the Mechanics Institute. If you would like to join some evening, please drop us an email (in good time - the email account is not checked daily.)
    We will also have occasional blitz evenings during the summer. To be added to our mailing list, please drop us an email.