Galway Congress 2022: Results

The Galway Congress was won by Richard Zienert, who came over from Germany for the tournament, and returned €1000 richer.  Richard scored 5½ points out of 6; his one draw was with Denis Ruchko, who finished second equal, with Atharva Paibir, on 5 points.

Denis Ruchko also won the Reynolds Electronics Perpetual Trophy for the best Connaught player.  The Hugh Finan Memorial Cup, awarded to the highest placed player rated under 1200, was won by James Scarry, who scored 4½ points.

Rating prizes also went to Rafael Ninan Renji, Andrey Ivanov, David Andreu, Jack Hennesy, Oscar Roe, George Fearnhead, Stanislaw Ulbrych, Craig Dubose, Paddy Connolly, Alice Twomey, Gourang Jiddewar, Bryn Edwards, and Alex Harney.

The full standings and crosstable are on our dedicated webpage, along with photos of some of the winners.

Winter League 2022 – Round 2

Here are the pairings for round 2:

 1 Pete Morriss (1)       [1]       :     Niko Istuk (6)              [1]  
 2 Jason Rawlinson (3)    [1]       :     Ross Du Berry (10)          [1]  
 3 James Scarry (11)      [.5]      :     Tobias Maurer (2)           [.5] 
 4 Bill Delee (8)         [.5]      :     Andrew Barber (5)           [.5] 
 5 Cyril Feerick (17)     [1]       :     Diego Pereiro Rodriguez (4) [0]  
 6 Alice Twomey (18)      [1]       :     James Blackwell (7)         [0]  
 7 Bryn Edwards (19)      [1]       :     David Cunningham (9)        [0]  
 8 Micheal Karapish (21)  [1]       :     Pete Donlon (12)            [0]  
 9 Maureen Gallagher (16) [1]       :     Cavanaugh Coneely (20)      [1]  
10 Robert Frost (14)      [0]       :     Gourang Jiddewar (23)       [1]  
11 Eoin Galvin (24)       [0]       :     David Piercy (13)           [0]  
12 Shane Whyte (26)       [0]       :     Scott Reilly (15)           [0]  
13 Mohammed Alsaleh (22)  [0]       :     Frank Healy (25)            [0] 

Winter League 2022 – Round 1

The 2022 Winter League (our club championship) starts this Thursday (17 February). Here are the pairings for round 1:


 1 James Blackwell (6)        :     Pete Morriss (1)      
 2 Tobias Maurer (2)          :     Bill Delee (7)        
 3 David Cunningham (8)       :     Jason Rawlinson (3)   
 4 Andrew Barber (4)          :     James Scarry (9)      
 5 Pete Donlon (10)           :     Niko Istuk (5)        
 6 David Piercy (11)          :     Bryn Edwards (17)     
 7 Cavanaugh Coneely (18)     :     Robert Frost (12)     
 8 Scott Reilly (13)          :     Micheal Karapish (19) 
 9 Mohammed Alsaleh (20)      :     Maureen Gallagher (14)
10 Cyril Feerick (15)         :     Eoin Galvin (21)      
11 Frank Healy (22)           :     Alice Twomey (16)     

If you haven’t entered and would like to join the tournament in round 2, please email us at galwaychess [at]gmail[dot]com

Galway Chess Congress: Friday 11 to Sunday 13 March 2022

Galway Congress will be held in the Menlo Park Hotel, on the weekend of 11th to 13th March. You can enter now, by going to the Galway Congress 2022 tab, above, which also gives further information about the Congress. It’s suitable for players of all levels, from Grandmasters to beginners who haven’t played in a tournament before. We look forward to seeing you!

Galway Club Championship

The Galway Chess Club Championship will start on Thursday 17 February. We call it the Winter League, although that is obviously a misnomer this year. It will consist of 7 rounds of long-play games (at a time rate of 90 minutes per player for the game, plus an increment of ten seconds per move) played at fortnightly intervals between February and May. Entrants must be club members, and there is an entry fee of €5, all of which will be returned in prizes. If you would like to enter, or would like further information, please email us at galwaychess[at]gmail[dot]com .

Galway Chess Club Has Re-opened!

We have now reopened after our long pandemic-induced closure, and are meeting regularly again on Thursday evenings at the Bridge Centre, St Mary’s Road. Look here for our events, or drop us an email (galwaychess[at]gmail[dot]com) to be put on our mailing list.

At present, the Bridge Centre expects visitors to wear masks when entering and to use the available hand sanitiser.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Galway Chess Congress 2022: 11 to 13 March

This is advance notice that next year’s Galway Chess Congress will be held on the weekend of 11 to 13 March 2022.  We very much hope that we will be able to hold it in person, at the Menlo Park Hotel, Galway, although of course there is no knowing what the covid situation will be then, and if it is not possible or advisable to hold it in person it will be held online, as it was this year [2021].  We aim to make a decision about this early in January 2022.

Update 22nd January: Following the government’s lifting of restrictions on 21 January, we can confirm that this event will be going ahead in person at the Menlo Park Hotel. We will be ready to take your entries very soon; we’ll announce here when that has been done.

Online Blitz – A schools chess project supporting poor kids in S.A.

Event is on the 15th of August @ 3pm .

You can join the lichess event here. .. and project details are here.

Galway Rapidplay 2021

We will be holding our annual Rapidplay tournament on Saturday 19 June, which this year will be held online on lichess. There will be 7 rounds, and starting time is 11 a.m.

Further information on the tournament and instructions on how to enter is available on our Rapidplay page.

All are welcome, so get your entries in now!

Galway Congress 2021 Results

The 2021 Online Galway Congress was won convincingly by FM Robin Moss with 6½ points.  Second equal, on 5½ points, were Jason Liu, Adam McCoy and Atharva Paibir.  Atharva would also have been eligible for a rating prize, but under the ‘one prize’ rule he has to be satisfied with a very deserved second place.  Rating prizes went to Alex Wall (Band A) on 5 points; Kyle Milligan and Killian Gavin (Band B), 4½; and Conor Gunn, Markus Senzel, Pete Donlon and Marek Fijalkowski, (Band C) all on 3 points.        

The final results, and links to all the games, are available here.

Update: €664 was donated to Croí from the entry fees, and a donation made to lichess for the use of their server. Croí has asked us to thank all who contributed.

  • Galway Chess Club is closed for summer.

    However, we meet for some casual games on Tuesday evenings in the Mechanics Institute. If you would like to join some evening, please drop us an email (in good time - the email account is not checked daily.)
    We will also have occasional blitz evenings during the summer. To be added to our mailing list, please drop us an email.