Rapid – Round 3 Results

Here are the results of Thursday 4th Dec.  .. there was a Re-draw on the nite to ensure everyone got a game.  League table is at this link.

  Padraic O’T   (0)  –  (1)   Alex D.

  Andrew B.   (0)  –  (1)    Brendan

  Christopher   (0)  –  (1)   Andrejs K.

 Harry Flm .  (0)  –  (1) Carlos da S.

   Eimear O’T   (1)  –  (0)  Conor C.

   Thomas Mc.  (0)  –  (1)   Denis R.

    Markian Y.    (1)  –  (0)  Maureen G.

bye  –  (1) Jason R.


 At the bridge club on Saturday 6th Dec. there’s a (Swap-Chess) Junior chess competition .. details here :

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